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When you do a fall marathon, the majority of the training is in the dog days of summer.  Furthermore, the Chicago Marathon has been known to have very unpredictable weather.  I have run this particular race when it was 40 degrees with wind and rain as well as in weather so hot that after 4 hours they literally forced everyone stop and walk directly back to the finish line.  So while it’s hard to predict what the weather will be like on race day, hot weather is much more of a performance inhibitor than cold weather.

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We have all heard that stretching is very important to keep injuries at bay; but let’s face it, when we’re done working out we really don’t
feel like spending that extra time to stretch afterwards.  Either we’re pressed for time or we’re tired.

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A common question athletes have when training for a marathon is should they do strength training.  First and foremost, let me differentiate the difference between my definition of strength training and cross training.  Strength training is weighted resistance exercises such as leg press, squats, bench press, pull ups, etc.  Cross training are activities such as swimming, elliptical, rowing, cycling, etc.

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Fear is Good

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One of the biggest limiters to achieving our true potential is fear. Let’s talk about fear and how it relates to athletic performance.