We have all heard that stretching is very important to keep injuries at bay; but let’s face it, when we’re done working out we really don’t
feel like spending that extra time to stretch afterwards.  Either we’re pressed for time or we’re tired.

This is true for our actual workout…the run, and particularly the long run.  As we expand our own endurance envelope and push our athletic boundaries, it’s important to remember that the last few miles of a run are the most important miles.  This is because it is during these last few miles that we obtain most of our fitness boost.

If you’re doing a run and you’re pressed for time or you are tired from the previous miles of the workout, keep reminding yourself that it’s the push that you give yourself to get through those last miles that provide you the most benefit and you already exerted the effort from those previous miles to get there…so don’t cut it short and give up the best opportunity you have during that entire workout to boost your fitness and expand your endurance envelope.

If you’re feeling fatigued and hear yourself talking you into stopping at mile 12 instead of running to mile 14…think “those last 20 minutes of the run is why I spent the last 2 hours running” and press through those last 20 min.  You can do it and pushing through that also provides the more intangible and unquantifiable (but not any less important) boost and that’s the boost to your mental fitness!