Our athletes are provided a training regimen that is not part of any previously written training plan and is centered around their goals as well as their time constraints from personal and professional commitments. This creates an extremely effective and completely synergistic platform to propel endurance athletes to previously unrealized levels of performance.

The common primary constraint for any athlete (from the beginner level up through the professional level) is time; and consequently, time management and focused efficient training within the confines of an athlete’s personal and professional commitments is how endurance athletes excel.

ESI provides its athletes several services including but not limited to:

  • Individualized coaching
  • Running gait video analysis
  • Swim stroke video analysis
  • Cycling power based testing and analysis
  • Multiple threshold testing
  • Strength training for the endurance athlete
  • Professional bike fitting with and without power analysis

You can contact ESI through Steve.  Steve at endurancesportsinstitute dot com